By Pauline Croquet, Morgane Tual, Clémence Duneau and Solène Reveney (graphic design) Posted on December 24, 2020 at 5:44 am – Updated December 24, 2020 at 11:07 am Reserved for our subscribers StoryThe flagship app for teens broke download records in Europe and the United States this year, and caught […]

2020 was an extraordinary year, including in video games. The industry, which is expected to reach $ 160 billion in sales worldwide this year, according to forecasts reported by TechCrunch, took full advantage of the coronavirus pandemic. People locked in their homes have played overwhelmingly titles like “Animal Crossing” in […]

Fractional CMO to B2B companies, Owner/Chief Strategist at SolomonBell, Follow me on LinkedIn. getty It’s been almost a year since the first cases of Covid-19 appeared in China, and the global economy has taken a big hit. The changes we’re witnessing are not just financial; we’re experiencing a much larger shift […]

Having effectively exhausted his legal options—at least 86 judges, including dozens appointed by Republicans, have shut down the president’s unprecedented attempt to overturn his defeat through the courts—Donald Trump is apparently now entertaining even more anti-democratic paths to preserving his power. During a White House meeting on Friday, nearly a […]

We know that it appeals to Instagrammers, Russian oligarchs, wealthy Indian tourists and luxury shopping enthusiasts. But Dubai turned out to be little more than a bling-bling destination or a three-day stopover to relax between flights to Asia. The city and the eponymous Emirate welcome millions of tourists each year, […]

It is one of the brands that cross the generations without taking a wrinkle. Haribo and its famous sweets have just celebrated their 100th birthday. This gourmet saga began in 1920 in Germany, near Bonn under the leadership of Hans Riegel. His famous gelatin teddy bears quickly took over the […]

For mathematicians and computer scientists, 2020 was full of discipline-spanning discoveries and celebrations of creativity. Several long-standing problems yielded to sustained collaboration, sometimes answering other important questions as a happy byproduct. While some results had immediate applications, with researchers improving on the findings or incorporating them into other work, others […]