July 15, 2024


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100 Hours of Computer Science Videos

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has partnered with the Oak National Academy to turn the content of England’s National Computing Curriculum into more than 300 curriculum-mapped videos and made them available for free.

The so-called Teach Computing Curriculum funded by England’s Department of Education was online and in place pre-Covid, hosting computing classroom material for Key Stages 1 to 4 (learners aged 5 to 16).

Despite targeting England’s schools, the curriculum has been available to anyone across the world and for free. Due to the pandemic and schools closing, all the curriculum’s lesson have been turned into videos, 300 in total, amounting to over 100 hours, so that kids can continue to learn computing at home.

Since they complement the official material, having been prepared for remote teaching, the videos are available not on the official teachcomputing.org site but on the Oak National Academy website. At Oak Teacher Hub you can find all the material organized by Key stage or Year group.

To get an overview of the progression through the Key Stages, consult the Teach Computing curriculum’s journey poster.

(click on image for full poster pdf)

The topics taught are really enticing. Take a look at the topics of the most advanced,  KS4 for instance: 

  • Algorithms
  • Computer Networks
  • Computer Systems
  • Creating Media
  • Data & Information
  • Design & Development
  • Effective use of tools
  • Impact of technology
  • Programming
  • Safety & Security 

These get broken down to individual lessons: 

  • Data Representation 12 lessons
  • Computer Systems 13 lessons
  • Networks 8 lessons
  • Security 7 lessons
  • Impacts on society 8 lessons
  • Algorithms 12-14 lessons
  • Programming 50 lessons
  • Object-oriented programming 5 lessons
  • HTML 6 lessons
  • Databases and SQL 5 lessons
  • Online Safety 10 lessons
  • Project management 10 lessons
  • Spreadsheets 6 lessons
  • IT and the world of work 6 lessons
  • Media 6 lessons 

Each lesson comes with presentation slides, worksheets, quizzes, and of course the videos, together with the associated transcripts.

All in all it’s a massive undertaking, which generously has been made available for free serving the greater good. It also serves as a concrete pathway for kids to follow in getting educated in Computer Science, something I have repeatedly stressed is important. Check the Related Articles listed below for more.

So whether you are a parent, an educator or just a learner, wherever you are in the world, you can learn or teach computing from the comfort of your home!


More Information

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Oak National Academy website

Oak Teacher Hub

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