Each school day calls for a multitude of meals and snacks to make sure little learners are energized for time spent in the classroom, playing with friends and completing their homework. From breakfast to dinner and sweet rewards after a long day of educational activities, it’s important to keep the […]

The transmembrane region is blue, the energy-driven domain is pink, the membrane lipids are light gray, and the head is light orange. The yellow “blob” represents the location of the gating residue in the pathway. Credits: Hugo MacDermott-Opeskin, Megan O’Mara, Christopher McDevitt Australian researchers have shown how the bacterium Streptococcus […]

Australian researchers have revealed how the bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumococcus) obtains the essential nutrient, manganese, from our bodies, which could lead to better therapies to target what is a life-threatening, antibiotic-resistant pathogen. Pneumococcus is one of the world’s deadliest organisms, responsible for more than one million deaths each year and […]